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HOOK, for Classical, Acoustic, ukuleles ...

Classical and acoustic guitar

Ukulele & Mandoline straps

Straps for classical or acoustic guitars, Spanish guitar or acoustic bass, or instruments that do not have a pin to hold a conventional strap.

This system that is used, either with one hook or two hooks, holds the instrument securely in place making it easy to perform standing up or sitting down, as is the case with the two hooks strap, it allows the instrument to be attached to the body, without the need to hold it with your hands. You can read the article about the characteristics of these guitar straps in our blog 

UKULELE STRAP Collection, straps for ukulele and also many of them suitable for mandolin and small strings instruments, made in Spain 100% are made from the best materials.
For their special width 1'5 cm and 2,5 cm and the adjustable length, these straps are perfect for this instrument. Ukulele straps and mandolin straps can make playing the ukulele standing up much more comfortable. They also aesthetically help to show off the beauty of your instrument. Our ukulele straps are like the well-known neck straps, which you simply hook one end to the mouth of the ukulele and the other end to the neck of the player. Also the dual-hook strap allows you to connect the ukulele with both hooks, thus allowing the instrument to be suspended without having to hold it with your hands to prevent it from falling. 

We also have a vegan version of the neck ukulele strap,

Check the characteristics in each product.

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In the world of classical acoustic guitars, also known as Spanish guitars, as well as flamenco guitars with nylon strings and some acoustic guitars, it is common for them not to be equipped with pins, pegs, or buttons to attach a traditional guitar strap. Therefore, if you want to play the guitar while standing instead of sitting, you will need specific straps for this type of pinless guitar.

The guitar pin is typically located on the back of the guitar, at the widest part of the sides, right on the sides' divider, and it may or may not have a pin on the heel of the guitar. This is not a standard feature, and each manufacturer or luthier may choose whether to install these pins.

While classical acoustic guitars usually lack strap pins, there are alternative solutions such as strap systems that don't require pins. These straps are typically attached around the guitar's neck and offer a secure and comfortable way to play the guitar while standing.

When choosing a guitar strap for a classical acoustic guitar, it is important to ensure that it is specifically designed for this pinless guitar type. This way, you can enjoy a comfortable and worry-free playing experience as you move around and play your classical guitar.

For someone who plays for hours on end on their feet or just for a while, a ukulele strap is a must, but the question always arises, which ukulele strap is right for my instrument? At RightOn!, you can find different ukulele straps or ukulele shoulder straps.
First, you need to know whether your instrument has pins to attach a strap to it, if it does, practically any short strap will do, and the strap doesn't need to be very padded, it's not necessary, it is not necessary because ukuleles or mandolins are much lighter instruments than a bass or a guitar.

If your ukulele doesn't have the pins for attaching the strap, you can choose to attach the strap with a "hook" strap or a "dual hook" strap. The difference between a single hook and a dual hook strap is that the single hook strap is looped through the neck of the player and the hook end is hooked into the sound hole of the ukulele. In the Dual Hook version, both hooks go to the sound hole of the ukulele, and it is not necessary to hold the instrument in your hand to prevent it from falling, as it is suspended without falling, which would not be the case with the single hook ukulele strap that you need to hold the ukulele with at least one hand to keep it from falling. 

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