I have lost a screw or metal part of the RAS system of my strap, What can I do to replace it ?  where can I order it ? is there spare parts for the hardware ? 

Any screw or hardware for the RAS system can be replaced, but we need to know the model of strap and your place of residence, email us through this form and we will manage it as soon as possible.

Meanwhile you can see in this image a trick to adjust your strap with the same security that with the RAS system, but simply using a cord or lace:

como sustitur los tornillos de rightonstraps

Why RightOn!Straps?

6 reasons for choosing RightOn!Straps

1. All of our articles are designed and handcrafted in Spain.
2. We select the best quality raw materials that comply with Reach legislation ensuring they are free of chemicals harmful to health .
3. It has one of the largest ranges of length adjustment in the market at no additional cost (from 95 to 150 cm. or from 95 to 143 cm.).
4. It includes double exclusive pick holder in all models (except MAGIC collection models: French, Seat, Rim, Big with one pickholder only)
5. It incorporates the exclusive length adjustment RAS (RightOn! adjustement System).
6. Our prices are half the price of other straps in the marketon the same or lower quality.

Who are RightOn! Straps for?

For guitar and bass players who appreciates exclusive and attractive designs and maximum confort whilst playing.

For guitar and bass manufacturers who need exclusive creations in line with their instruments to provide greater value and business opportunities for their products.

Can I customize my strap’s design?

Righton! Straps offer you the chance to create your own strap, and we will manufacture it with your ideas and needs, making yours a unique, unrepeatable strap. Contact us and together we will study the possibilities of making your custom strap.

Do I need to do anything to take care of my RightOn!Strap?

Unlike shoes, leather jackets or other leather goods which are exposed to environmental elements, we do not anticipate that users of our straps will expose them to harsh conditions. Under normal use, we do not expect that it will be necessary for you to add leather polish or other treatments to protect the quality of your strap.

What makes the Righton! guitar and bass straps different?

The materials used for making any Righton! guitar and bass strap are carefully selected to ensure the production of a higher quality straps than the currently found on the market. Moreover, our traditional production process which takes place under continuous quality control allows us the production of straps with a higher quality than any others currently found in the market.. Furthermore, Righton! Straps comply with Reach legislation, ensuring that our products are free of chemicals harmful to health.

Are there any limitations when creating a custom strap?

Since in Righton! Straps we are manufacturers and artisans, the limit to creating your strap is your imagination.

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