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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) -

1. Why Choose RightOn! Straps?

  • Choose RightOn! Straps and their straps for exclusive, artisanal designs made in Spain. With high-quality materials and versatile adjustment, our straps provide maximum comfort and durability. Moreover, we stand out for competitive prices, ensuring exceptional value for guitarists and bassists.

2. What Sets RightOn! Straps Apart from Others?

  • The materials used for manufacturing are carefully selected.
  • The artisanal production process is under continuous quality control.
  • Compliance with Reach regulations for products free of harmful substances.

3. Who Are RightOn! Straps For?

  • For guitarists and bassists seeking attractive and exclusive designs, as well as maximum comfort and durability.
  • Also suitable for guitar and bass manufacturers looking for exclusive creations that complement their instruments.

4. How Do I Adjust My Guitar Strap Without the RAS Screw?

  • In the meantime, you can follow this trick: adjust your guitar strap securely using a simple cord. Refer to the attached image for detailed instructions.

5. What Distinguishes RightOn! Straps from Other Brands?

  • Six reasons to choose us:
    • Design and artisanal production in Spain.
    • High-quality raw materials meeting regulations, free of harmful substances.
    • Wide range of adjustable lengths at no additional cost.
    • Inclusion of 2 pick pockets in all models.
    • Exclusive RightOn! Adjustment System (RAS).
    • Competitive prices compared to similar or lower-quality straps.

6. What Are Guitar Straps, and Why Are They Important?

  • Guitar straps not only support the guitar but also ensure a comfortable playing position and distribute weight properly. Choosing a good strap is essential to avoid fatigue and injuries.

7. How Do I Care for My RightOn! Straps?

  • No special treatment is necessary. Straps are designed to withstand normal use. Avoid excessive exposure to external elements.

8. How Does the Strap Affect Instruments with Nitro Lacquer?

  • Nitrocellulose can be affected by various external factors. While we cannot guarantee 100%, we recommend storing the strap separately from the instrument to prevent potential issues.

9. How Can I Replace a Screw in the RAS System of My Strap?

10. What Should I Consider When Choosing a Guitar Strap?

  • Factors to consider:
    • Width and padding based on the instrument's weight.
    • Adjustable length and personal comfort.
    • Materials resistant to tension and moisture.

These answers are generalized and may require adjustments based on the specific policies and products of For detailed and up-to-date information, please refer directly to the website or contact their customer service.

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