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Guitar straps. What makes us unique?

What makes our guitar straps and bass straps unique?

We offer Vegan Guitar Straps, 100% free of all animal parts.

Our Vegan Guitar Straps are 100% free of all animal parts, made with the best raw vegan materials as synthetics, fabrics and natural fibers and recycled materials. Look for the icon!
we are proud to be pioneers in making vegan guitar straps since 2014.

( R.A.S.) Innovative
Guitar Strap Adjustment

The RAS system (RightOn! Adjustment System) allows the largest adjustment range on the market for your guitar strap or for your bass strap and is fast, simple and practical.

The best shoulder grip on a guitar strap

Our guitar strap lining is designed, tested and checked so that the strap does not slip or stick. Enjoy playing your guitar, bass, ukulele or mandolin and don't worry about anything else.


Includes several
pick-holder systems.

All RightOn guitar Straps! Feature at least one pocket or other pick storage system, whether it's an easy-access inside pick pocket, the superfast dispenser at the back of the guitar strap or the handy pick-pocket at the end-tab.

Guitar straps with a great padding

Only the best quality latex is used for the strap padding so you feel fresh and comfortable for the whole gig.

To make our bass straps and padded guitar straps, we only use high density latex, so that you feel fresh and comfortable and cool with your shoulder strap during the whole show or just playing your guitar or bass at home.

New and exceptional materials
mark the difference.

We have incorporated exceptional new materials to the guitar strap world and the bass strap field.The best Italian velvets, metalized materials, natural cork, quality embroidered ribbons, amplifier grill cloths, recycled tires Etc ...  

Incredible price-quality relationship in our guitar straps

It is our commitment to offer the highest quality at the best price on guitar straps to ensure you make a good investment in a quality guitar and bass strap.
All our straps and accessories are made in Spain, Made in Europe. 

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