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R.A.S. Adjustment: The Perfect Solution for Precise Guitar Strap Adjustment

Comfort and proper positioning of the guitar strap are fundamental aspects for any musician. A proper adjustment not only ensures a more comfortable playing experience but also helps prevent injuries and allows for greater focus on the music. This is where the innovative R.A.S. (RightOn! Adjustment System) comes into play. It is a revolutionary solution designed by RightOn! Straps to provide a quick and precise adjustment of your guitar strap without complications.

What is R.A.S. Adjustment?

R.A.S. stands for RightOn! Adjustment System. It is an adjustment system integrated into RightOn! Straps guitar straps. Its operation is based on a sliding part of the strap that allows for quick and easy length modification. No longer will you have to struggle with straps that require multiple passes or knots to adjust their length. With R.A.S., you simply slide the back part of the strap up or down and tighten two screws to achieve the perfect adjustment.


Advantages of the R.A.S Adjustment for guitars

R.A.S. adjustment offers a series of highly valued qualities for musicians:

Ease: Forget about wasting valuable time trying to adjust your guitar strap. With R.A.S., the adjustment is quick and hassle-free.
Precision: The R.A.S. adjustment allows for precise adjustments in the strap's length. This gives you the possibility to find the optimal position that suits your comfort and playing preference.
Stability: Once you have adjusted the strap's length with R.A.S., it stays securely in place. You won't have to worry about the strap loosening or slipping during your performance, providing you with greater peace of mind to focus solely on your music.
Durability: RightOn! Straps is renowned for manufacturing high-quality straps, and the R.A.S. system is no exception. The adjustment mechanism is designed to be sturdy and durable, ensuring that you can enjoy its benefits for a long time.

How to Use R.A.S. Adjustment

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use the system:

1. Unscrew the screws on the strap using a star or flathead screwdriver.
2. Slide the back part of the strap, the one with the pair of holes running parallel along it, up or down. To adjust the length, simply slide it upwards to shorten the strap or downwards to lengthen it. Each pair of holes indicates an adjustment option.
3. Adjust to the desired length: As you slide the buckle, observe how the strap shortens or lengthens. Make small adjustments until you find the length that feels most comfortable and suitable for your playing style. Align the strap holes where you removed the screws with the ones on the sliding part. Screw the screws through the plate and the strap using the buttons.
4. Verify the security of the adjustment: Once you have found the desired length, ensure that the moving part of the strap stays securely in place and that the strap is firmly adjusted. This way, you can play with confidence, knowing that the adjustment is safe and stable.


The R.A.S. adjustment by RightOn! Straps has proven to be an intelligent and revolutionary solution for precise guitar strap adjustment. Thanks to this RightOn! system, it offers ease, convenience, and versatility in adapting the strap length. Additionally, it ensures safety and stability during musical performances, preventing unwanted slippage.

The satisfaction of musicians who have used R.A.S. is evident in their testimonials, highlighting the comfort, precision, and durability that this system offers. From professional guitarists to music enthusiasts in general, this innovative adjustment has been enthusiastically received and has become a popular choice worldwide.

If you're looking for a convenient and reliable solution to adjust your guitar strap, the type of system offered by RightOn! Straps is definitely worth considering. It will not only enhance your playing experience but also provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that your strap will be securely adjusted while you focus on the music.


R.A.S Adjustment
R.A.S Adjustment
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