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Guitar Straps and Bass straps and accessories


We create different and unique guitar straps.

Why choose RightOn!, what makes us different?

Why RightOn ?

Wide variety of guitar straps and accessories

In our store, we offer a wide variety of guitar straps to satisfy any taste and budget.

From classic leather straps to vegan guitar straps with colorful and trendy designs, we have something for everyone.

About us


Síguenos! RightOn! Straps

  • Foto Instagram 1 RightOn! Straps

    RightOn! Straps


    4 h

    Not always is black or white…sometimes it’s both 😎🤘🏽 Left - Legend S.R.V. White Right - Race-60 B&W #veganstraps #mojocollection #legendtraps #guitargear #rightonstraps

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  • Foto Instagram 2 RightOn! Straps

    RightOn! Straps


    2 d

    FAKEY - Our OG strap from the very beginning ✊🏼 Guitarists never understood it 😜🎸 #fakey #bassplayer #basstrap #basslovers #veganstraps #rightonstraps

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  • Foto Instagram 3 RightOn! Straps

    RightOn! Straps


    4 d

    🚀🎸 This lineup is out of this world!! The ALIEN collection features a cool design and a special reflecting fabric that’ll reflect the badass you are. Let everyone know you’re from another planet with every riff you play 💥👾🪐 #AlienCollection #veganstraps #guitargear #rightonstraps

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  • Foto Instagram 4 RightOn! Straps

    RightOn! Straps


    1 s

    🔥 Sandokan 80: Thick, strong, and ready to handle whatever you throw its way 🤘 #RightOnStraps #Sandokan80 #BassPlayers #bassstraps

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