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Guitar Straps

The guitar strap is the most overlooked item and accessory in the world of instruments. They can make the difference between sitting on a sofa or standing on stage in front of thousands of people. 

Guitar straps give you freedom, portability, and help you stay comfortable on any stringed instrument such as guitar or bass. At RightOn! Straps we have many different material models to choose from, ensuring that you will find the right style for you. All of our straps can be adjusted to achieve the most comfortable length for you and your bass or guitar, and the adjustment range of our straps is the most accurate on the market. Our most popular strap is the CHARM model and virtually the entire MOJO collection, which comes in many different colors and is made from 100% vegan materials free of animal parts.
Protect your instruments and make sure they are safe with guitar straps.


What are guitar straps, bass straps or straps for guitars ?

Guitar straps are an essential accessory for guitarists and bassists, but we often forget about them or choose them last, without paying much attention to them. This is definitely a mistake: the strap not only holds the guitar, but also keeps it in a comfortable position for us to play and distributes its weight properly so that we don't get tired or, even worse, suffer injuries after several hours of playing. Almost nothing, right?

Choosing a good strap for our guitar is indeed very important, and even more so if we play an instrument that is particularly heavy. And if everything we have mentioned does not seem to be enough, there is one more detail: straps are an aesthetic element that will complement our image as guitarists, so we should also consider, when choosing ours, if it fits our tastes and personality.

Design and materials of the guitar straps

As with other accessories we will need to play our instrument, such as picks or cables, the variety of guitar straps we will find in the market is enormous: materials, padding, designs... finding one that we like and is suitable for our needs can be quite complicated. Guitar straps can be made of many different materials. One of the most common is nylon, which in the highest quality straps is combined with leather (the most used natural material) or leather, or even completely replaced by one of the two. There are also straps made of polypropylene, cotton, hemp, linen, felt... As for the designs of the straps, we could say that there is something for almost every taste. From the most aggressive and flashy, common in musicians of genres such as rock or metal, to the most classic, it is up to us to look for and decide what type of design best suits us.

What to take into account when choosing a good guitar strap?

When buying a good guitar strap, we should consider the following factors:

Width: as it is obvious, the heavier our guitar is, the wider the shoulder support should also be (it usually measures between 5 and 8 centimeters). There are guitar straps that include a pad that will help us to better support the weight.

Length: guitar straps are usually adjustable, but just in case, it is advisable to measure the distance from one button to the other across the shoulder.

Comfort: this is a key factor, but also very subjective. Some people prefer padded guitar straps, while others are comfortable with a simple flat guitar strap. It depends on the individual. The guitar strap should be comfortable for us, so before deciding, we should try it on our guitar or bass.

Materials: we will have to take into account the resistance of the material to tension, humidity... if we sweat a lot, for example, maybe a strap made of synthetic materials, soft leather or rawhide would be better for us. Once again, it will depend on our needs and the characteristics of our instrument.


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