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STANDARD PLUS, 60´s guitar straps

Vintage and 60’s guitar straps 

Cool Vegan guitar straps:  All our Standard Plus guitar straps are now 100% vegan, free of any cruelty, and all made with environment-friendly materials, jacquard ribbons and colorful designs.
New designs and classic designs in guitar straps, classic designs are always on trend but improved with distinctive Right On! Features. New designs become unique designs with the advantages of a RightOn! Standard Plus guitar straps.

Pick pouches:  Every Standard Plus strap benefits from at least 2 Right On! Pick pouches.

Our guitar straps are padded: What’s more comfortable, sleeping on a mattress or sleeping on a cold floor?  Right On! Standard Plus straps are padded to make them more comfortable than other standard straps, not just a simple seatbelt.

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COMFORT:  Standard Plus straps have an attention to detail not usually seen in this type of guitar strap.  There are no rough seams to rub with every movement of your instrument when you’re playing.  Thanks to the microfiber padded layer of the Right On! Standard Plus, it’s just comfort you can take for granted.

For the linings we have used our special microfiber to avoid the guitar strap from sliding, sticking and prevents the usual wear and tear on your stage clothes, so keeping you and your clothes fresh saving you that extra time in shopping and panicking in the last minute as you realize you can't wear that old stretched out of shape shirt with the impossible to wash out sweat stain, that was caused by your old strap constantly rubbing on your shoulder as you performed your last gig.

Treat yourself to a bit more comfort and experience the feel of our special microfiber soft inner padding. 

2 WIDTHS AS STANDARD:  In addition to the normal 5 cm straps, Right On! Standard Plus straps now also offer models with a 6 cm width for added comfort.  Because sometimes size matters.

MONEY WELL SPENT:  Don’t be fooled by the simple straps that come with a high price.  It’s easy – Right On! Standard Plus straps offer you a great product for a fair price.  

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