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Cajon Pad for acoustic Cajon

RightOn! Cajon Pad

The Cajon pad is a percussion accessory in the form of a flat cushion that is placed on top of the Cajon to provide additional comfort to the musician and reduce fatigue from sitting for long periods of time. The acoustic Cajon is played with the hands and fingers while sitting on it, which is the usual way of playing it, and a variety of sounds and rhythms can be produced by hitting different parts of the box.

Presentation and launch video of the RightOn! Straps Cajon pad.
In the video, we have the luxury and invaluable collaboration of Miriam ElFaiq,
musician and percussionist.


The dimensions of the RightOn Cajon Pad are 26 cm wide x 20 cm and 1.5 cm thick. At the moment, we have made two models, the Cajon Pad Paisley Velvet, which is the cajon pad made with a paisley velvet decoration on the upper surface and HQ EVA foam on the lower surface.

The second model Cajon Pad Cork Beige presented has the same dimensions, but with the upper surface is made of natural cork.


In both models, the padded surface is made of HQ EVA, which is a soft, flexible, and lightweight material, and is designed to be non-slip so that it stays in place during the performance while we're playing the Cajon. It can be easily placed on top of the acoustic Cajon without the need for adhesives or other elements to fix it. The Cajon pad provides a comfortable surface for the musician to sit while playing and also helps to prevent sliding

In addition to providing comfort, the Cajon pad can also help improve the experience of playing the Cajon, and according to what we have been told, it helps reduce unwanted harmonics and produce a clearer and more defined sound.

Overall, a Cajon pad is a useful accessory for Cajon musicians of all levels. It provides extra comfort and was designed with the idea of "happy butts" in mind. By asking and testing the experience of some Cajon percussionists or "cajoneros", the goal was achieved ;)


A bit of history about the acoustic Cajon

The acoustic Cajon is a percussion instrument originating from Peru. Although it is not known for certain when it first appeared, it is believed to have its origins in the 18th century when African slaves in Peru used wooden boxes to accompany their rhythms and dances.

In the 19th century, the Cajon began to be used in Peruvian cultural events and later in Afro-Peruvian music. Over time, the Cajon became popular in other Latin American countries such as Cuba and Brazil, and in Europe, especially in Spain where it is used in flamenco music.

In the 1970s, the Cajon became popular worldwide thanks to the influence of Afro-Peruvian music and flamenco music. Since then, the Cajon has become an essential instrument in many musical genres, including popular music, jazz, and rock.

Today, the acoustic Cajon continues to be widely used in Peruvian and Afro-Peruvian music and has become a cultural symbol of Peru and its rich musical history.

Cajon pad cushion for acoustic cajon
Cajon pad cushion for acoustic cajon
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