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TALISMAN Guitar Straps, wow!

Guitar straps, lightness, comfort and design this is Talisman collection

The Talisman collection of vegan guitar straps with its lightness, comfort and super attractive look is intended to be a TOP guitar strap. A new concept in the world of vegan guitar straps, with 100% animal-cruelty free and high quality materials, integrated pick holder on both ends and edge trim, a collection of straps that we are very happy with and that look great on guitars and basses. The entire collection of these guitar shoulder straps has a light padding that makes the strap both comfortable and portable, super flexible and ready to carry in the instrument's case.

The whole collection is 6 cm width and has two plectrum pockets, one in each of the ends, for a fast draw of a plectrum when you are in action. TALISMAN collection is a vegan collection, padded and with Tri-Glide adjustment system

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When purchasing or buying a guitar strap, we have to consider the following factors:

Width: Obviously, the heavier our guitar is, the wider the shoulder strap should also be (usually between 4 and 8 centimeters). Many straps, almost all RightOn! straps have a high-density latex padding that makes them very comfortable.

Length: Virtually all straps are adjustable, but, just in case, to know what the range of adjustment is we need to measure the distance from one button to another across the shoulder, the easiest way is that if you already have a strap, measure the distance on this strap.

Comfort: this is a key factor, but also very subjective. Some people prefer padded straps, while others are comfortable with a simple flat, unpadded shoulder strap. It depends on the individual. The strap should be comfortable for us, so before we decide, we should try it on our guitar or bass. With a comfortable and padded strap you will avoid some characteristic pains of those who use very heavy instruments, or simply with the passage of time the body takes its toll.

Materials: very important, we must take into account the resistance of the material to tension, to humidity... if we sweat a lot, for example, perhaps a strap made of synthetic materials will suit us, since leather is a champion of absorption and of transmitting humidity to the instrument, in the case of a synthetic strap it is even possible to put it in the washing machine. Once again, it will depend on our needs and the characteristics of our instrument, but in RightOn! we care about this and both the padding material is minimally absorbent and the microfiber that accompanies some straps repels moisture to a high degree.

Choosing a good guitar strap is essential for any guitarist, whether they are a beginner or a professional. The guitar strap is the component that holds the instrument and allows the musician to play comfortably and securely. A suitable guitar strap is critical to ensuring good posture and preventing musculoskeletal injuries.

In addition to comfort, the choice of a good guitar strap can also affect the sound of the instrument. The strap can influence the resonance of the guitar and, therefore, the overall tone of the music. For example, a strap that is too rigid can interfere with the vibration of the wood and affect the sound quality.

It is also important to consider safety when choosing a guitar strap. A poorly adjusted or inadequate strap can cause the guitar to fall and suffer irreparable damage. It can even be dangerous if the guitar falls while playing on stage or in a recording session.

In summary, choosing a good guitar strap is essential for playing comfortably, preventing injuries, and obtaining the best possible sound. By investing in a quality strap, musicians can enjoy their passion with the confidence and security they deserve.

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