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GROOVE, wide Straps

Wide Straps for bass and heavy instruments

The Groove Collection consists of wide straps for bass and guitar, with a width of 8 cm. These straps are padded with high-density latex, making them ideal for heavy basses or guitars. In a wide strap, the weight is evenly distributed on the shoulder, which helps prevent pressure pains and provides better balance to the instrument.

In this collection, we offer vegan straps for bass and guitar.

Additionally, all models in the Groove Collection are equipped with our exclusive RAS or FLASH adjustment system. These systems allow for precise and secure strap adjustment, helping to reduce the perceived weight of the bass or guitar.

In summary, our Groove Collection straps offer comfort, balanced weight distribution, vegan, and high-quality adjustment systems. With our straps, your bass or guitar will feel lighter, allowing you to enjoy a more comfortable playing experience.

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The Groove collection shoulder straps represent the widest range of bass shoulder straps from RightOn! Making them ideal for heavier instruments such as basses or heavy guitars.

The linings of the Groove collection are made of microfiber (except for the Breathe straps) that prevents excessive sliding, giving it a highly versatile character.

A wide strap for bass or guitar offers numerous advantages for the musician. Firstly, it provides greater comfort by evenly distributing the weight of the instrument on the shoulder and back, reducing tension and fatigue during long practice sessions or live performances.

Additionally, the wide strap offers better support and stability to the instrument, preventing it from moving or sliding while playing. This allows the musician to focus on their performance without worrying about keeping the instrument in place.

Another advantage of a wide strap is its ability to reduce neck and shoulder pain or discomfort. By providing a wider contact surface with the body, the strap effectively distributes pressure, avoiding excessive pressure points.

Furthermore, our RightOn! Straps are padded, adding another level of comfort and cushioning. This is especially beneficial for musicians playing heavier instruments such as electric basses or solid-body guitars.

Finally, the right strap can provide a stylish and professional appearance, as they are available in a variety of materials, designs, and colors. This allows the musician to express their personal style and make a visual statement while performing on stage.

In summary, the advantages of a wide strap for bass or guitar include improved comfort, stable support, reduced tension and discomfort, additional cushioning, and an aesthetic appearance. These benefits make choosing a wide strap a smart option for any musician looking to enhance their playing experience.

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