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MOJO, Vegan guitar straps,

Vegan guitar straps, since 2014

Mojo Collection is 6 cm (2,3 ") Wide Straps, made free of all animal parts, with a microfiber lining and high-density latex padding. This is our biggest selling range of guitar straps, and they are completely Vegan guitar straps, made from specially selected quality synthetics. Pick pockets are more easily accessible, provided with two real pics at the front end. More Rock'n'roll spirit on this strap collection, using the most amazing fabrics and synthetics.

These are very comfortable straps for the guitarist thanks to the use of our well-known RightOn! Padding.  Are you sick of struggling with your guitar or bass ? This collection of straps are comfy straps and hold your guitar or bass easily on your shoulder.

For the linings we have used our special microfiber to avoid the strap from sliding, sticking and prevents the usual wear and tear on your stage clothes, so keeping you and your clothes fresh saving you that extra time in shopping and panicking in the last minute as you realize you can't wear that old stretched out of shape shirt with the impossible to wash out sweat stain, that was caused by your old strap constantly rubbing on your shoulder as you performed your last gig. Treat yourself to a bit more comfort and experience the feel of our special microfiber soft inner padding. At RightOn! We have been making vegan Straps, handmade in Spain, since 2014.                                                                                                       

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Mojo guitar straps

apart from having and breathing Rock, and the mod of the fabulous 60's, Mojo Guitar straps are padded, and this is important for the health of the guitarist's shoulder, it is often said that the things of before were better, that there is nothing like the old ones... Yes, yes ... we can agree on some things, but it is very clear that things evolve over time, and there is RightOn! in the world of guitar straps, because as much rock that have the straps of the competition, a car belt or a cheap fabric as a guitar strap will break your shoulder, it is worth, look for the health of the guitarist, and save on physiotherapist, guitar straps RightOn! padded, have Rock and padding!

Advantages of Vegan guitar Straps:

  • Sustainability: Vegan straps are made from sustainable materials and do not harm animals.
  • Variety: Like leather straps, there is a wide variety of design and color options for vegan straps.
  • Price: Vegan straps are usually less expensive than leather ones.
  • Easy maintenance: Vegan straps do not require as much care and maintenance as leather ones.

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